Veterans Affairs

The VA offers a variety of funeral assistance levels, depending on several factors. Let’s say a veteran dies in a way that is not related to military service. The VA will still provide $780 for burial costs. If the death was service-related, the VA provides up to $2,000 in funeral assistance. 

Their spouses may receive an additional payout if their partner was killed during service-related duties. This also includes a veteran dying of injuries or illnesses sustained during service, even if they are no longer active. There are other benefits available for veterans, too. Veterans buried in a national cemetery will have the opening and closing of the grave covered by the VA. The VA will also provide a gravestone and a burial flag for the veteran’s next of kin. 

Veteran Death Benefits.  An amount not to exceed $200 in burial and funeral expenses is available to survivors of veterans who are receiving a pension or compensation for military service or who died in a veteran’s hospital.  Burial is provided for most veterans in a national cemetery, if space is available.  In addition, $150 is available for cemetery costs in other than a state or national cemetery. An amount not to exceed $15,000 is reimbursed for a service-connected death. An American flag is given for most veterans.  Benefits can be applied for any time within two years after the death.  To apply call (800) 827-2013. See the FCA brochure 

Veterans’ Funeral and Burial Benefits. If the veteran or the veteran’s surviving spouse is incapacitated and needs special care, there is an Aid and Attendance Pension program.